63% of web video is HTML5 friendly

Posted by Danny Herran on Mar 2, 2011 in Frontend | No comments

63% of web video is HTML5 friendly According to MeFeedia, from all the web videos around the net, 63% of them are HTML5 friendly. For those on iPad or iPhones, it believe this is a very good thing. Flash is a thing of the past for watching videos on your smartphone or personal computer, considering a year ago the percentage of HTML5 compatible videos was just about 10%.

I am quoting the information extracted from the MeFeedia report:

  • Over the last 12 months we have seen a rise from 10% to 63% of web videos becoming HTML5 compatible.
  • H.264 is still the most common format, as it is compatible for playback in Flash as well as the browser natively.
  • The overall amount of video available for playback in HTML5 is growing rapidly, but growth rate as a % is slowing (to be expected).

Also, they state that the order of popularity of the current video codecs are: H.264 > WebM > Ogg, however WebM could get a real boost if YouTube starts using it as default.

If a video publisher wants full user support (and they should), they’ll need to support several formats for each video… Put simply, web video is maturing & becoming more complex.

From: MeeFedia